Myra Polsky


My paintings have evolved into landscape, abstract and still life studies using complimentary colors that are layered and textured with a dry brush method of paint application. Each piece adheres to a traditional order of space – foreground, middle ground and background – while presenting spontaneity through a loose interpretation of objects. The balance between freedom and control is the goal for every artist. I have tried to achieve that balance by introducing unexpected color as well as unusual color combinations, and semi-abstracted forms that suggest the subject matter without offering a literal depiction of the objects.


My undergraduate work at Boston University offered a rigid, disciplined approach to art with an emphasis on drawing. Following that I earned a MFA in painting from George Washington University while taking studio courses at the Corcoran Gallery. I was fortunate to study with the third wave of Washington Color Artists who influenced my approach to creating art. The use of paint, clay, wood, linen, silk threads and natural materials was introduced into my compositions. The most logical expression of my art was mixed media construction in a two-dimensional wall hung box. These assemblages require deliberate use of space, layering of unlike materials and color harmony. Despite taking many turns with art, my interest in painting prevailed. After 23 years of concentrating on assemblage, I returned to acrylic painting on watercolor paper.


1703 Mediterranean Ave., Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Open by appointment