Nico Cathcart

Nico Cathcart


713 8th ST SE, Washington D.C. 20003

Exhibition co-curated by Nico Cathcart and BOJUart
Pop-up curated by Sanny Wroblewski

The exhibition showcases the artist’s interest and work on birds. She uses birds as a metaphor for resilience in the face of disability. As a reminder to not take things for granted, but also as a reminder to preserve in the face of hardship. The exhibition features Resilience, a breathtaking 25 foot five panel mural installation and other works.

BOJUart and the artist have chosen to donate 10% of retail sales to the Audubon Society.




Image: Nico Cathcart at BOJUart, 2019 Resilience, Solo Show and Residency


Muralist and painter

My work stems from the need to speak about current issues that affect all of our daily lives. I believe art has the ability to change something, however small, in the world. By balancing my large-scale murals with gallery-scale canvases, I create the opportunities to ask questions of the viewers both in public and private forums. 

Much of my work focuses on the importance of conservation and the symbiotic relationship between human and nature. I tend to focus on endangered species, using more local flora and fauna which are affected by man-made climate change. 

As a differently-abled person, in the process of becoming deaf, I focus on birds within this environmentally conscious work. I first noticed my hearing started to fade when the birds went silent. Today birds are a talisman, reminding me to not take things for granted. Often the animals are multi-layered symbolically, as stand in for autobiographical elements, as well as universal themes. 

Self-identifying as a woman, working in a predominantly male field, my other avenue of work is to challenge the notion of the “fairer” or “weaker” sex by creating strong portraiture of female-identifying persons. These works tie directly into the nature based work by incorporating plant, and animal lore to focus on the personality of the subject. By focusing on the faces, I am actively trying to subvert the traditional role of women on canvas, to empower the subject, rather than objectify the female form.

Nico Cathcart hails from Toronto, Ontario. She currently lives in Richmond. Nico’s work has been shown in many galleries and museums throughout the continent, including the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, MASS MOCA, Gallery 5, Glave Kocen, BOJUart, 1975 gallery in Rochester NY, La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, District Local Gallery in Vancouver, as well as private and corporate collections. She holds a dual BFA in Painting and Ceramics. Nico is an active muralist, with work in the RVA Street Art Festival, Wall Therapy, Spirit Walls, and the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival. When she is not painting, you can find her volunteering at the Cameron K. Gallager Foundation, Connor’s Heroes, FetchaCure, and the YWCA.

BOJUart is an online art gallery featuring artists of diverse mediums with an emphasis on contemporary and abstract. We believe art is part of a greater purpose and donate a portion of every artist’s piece sold to a cause of their choice. This is our way of connecting you to the artist’s passion with a meaningful contribution.


2019 Resilience, BOJUart, Solo Show and Residency Mural, Virginia Beach, VA
2019 Anatomy of a Mural, Solo Show, Capital One New Media Gallery, Richmond, VA
2019 Of Feminine and Flight, Solo Show, Gallery at 17, Richmond, VA
2019 Cameron, Mural, Children’s Hospital of Richmond-VCU, Richmond, VA
2019 Portal to the Sky, Ceiling Mural, Private home, Richmond, VA
2019 Morphing Perspectives, Mural Installation, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, VA
2019 Symbiosis, Mural, Courthouse Creek, Richmond, VA
2019 Hogan Values, Mural, Richmond, VA
2019 Apollo Astronauts, Mural, Tang and Biscuit, Richmond, VA in collaboration with PBS for the NASA celebration of the 50th anniversary on the moon
2019 Great Blue Heron, Mural, Sneed’s Nursery, Richmond, VA
2019 The Watcher, Mural, South Bend Trail, Ithaca NY
2019 Flocks, Mural, Blockfortgallery, Columbus OH
2019 Tropic Birds, Mural, Summer Paint Jam, Richmond, VA
2019 Workpath Values, Mural, Workpath, Richmond, VA
2019 Zia, Portrait Mural, Carmela’s, Richmond, VA
2019 Warblers, Mural and Documentary Film, Capital One, Richmond VA
2018 Cosmic Moxie, Mural, Vitality Float Spa, Richmond, VA
2018 Triple Crossing Billboard, Mural, Capital One, Richmond, VA
2018 Culterra, Mural, Courthouse Creek Cidery, Richmond, VA
2018 Ironclad Signage, Ironclad, Richmond, VA
2018 The Huntress, Mural, Wall Therapy Festival, Rochester, NY
2018 Time Repeats Itself, Mural, Richmond Tattoo Convention, Richmond, VA
2018 Kingfisher, Mural, Spirit Walls Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
2018 Virginian Paint, Mural, The Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond, VA
2018 Agents of Change, Mural, The Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond, VA
2017 Oaxacan Bunny (1 and 2), Glass Floral Panels, Flora, Richmond, VA
2017 Sandwich Sign, Capital One, Richmond, VA
2017 James River, Mural on Canvas, Kutak Rock, Richmond, VA
2017 Beauvine Signage, Richmond, VA
2017 Kirtland’s Warbler, Mural, Richmond Street Art Festival, The Diamond, Richmond, VA
2017 Endangered Birds, Mural, Greengate, Richmond, VA
2017 Cormorant and Osprey, Mural, Carter Woods, Richmond, VA
2017 Nickel Bridge, Mural, The Commonwealth Hotel, Richmond, VA
2016 Pale Blue Dot Whale, Mural, Street Art Festival, Southern States Plant,  Richmond, VA
2016 Temple Mural, Sacred Waters, Richmond, VA
2016 James River, Mural, Carter Woods, Richmond, VA
2016 Dia De Los Banditos, Banditos, Richmond, VA

2019 Fresh Paint, The Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond, VA. Agents of Change, Mural
2019 MotHer Nature, The Broad, Richmond, VA. 5 paintings.
2018 11th Annual Size Doesn’t Matter, Glave Kocen, Richmond, VA
5 Skulls of Conservation. 5 paintings.
2018 Cha Cha’s Cantina, in collaboration with Shaylen Broughton, Richmond, VA . 4 murals, 3 signs.
2018 Summer in the City, Glave Kocen, Richmond, VA. Of Sky and Water, Collaboration with Matt Lively
2018 Tang and Biscuit, Richmond, VA. 3 murals, Collaboration with Shaylen Broughton, Richmond, VA
2018 Glitter and Grit, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA.  5 paintings, Strong Women Series.
2018 Dearly Departed, 1975 Gallery, Rochester, NY. The Rape of Persephone, Painting.
2018 Krampusnacht, Gallery 5, Richmond VA. Krampus Painting.
2018 Monster Drawing Rally, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA. Snowy Owl Painting.
2017 Artists For Inclusion, Studio Two Three, Richmond, VA. Casey, Angela Eyes.
2017 Flora, Richmond, VA. Drunken Rabbit Mural, Collaboration with El Kamino and Ed Trask.
2017 RIVERROCK Paint-off, Glave Kocen, Richmond, VA. 4 hour en plein air, CSX Bridge.
2017 One Hit Wonders, Glave Kocen, Richmond, VA. Melt with You (Barn Owls in the Spring) .
2017 130 Years of Ubercrorp, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA. Memento Mori.
2017 Connors Heroes, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA. Red Billed Tropicbird.
2017 A Benefit for PRIDE, BarCode, Richmond, VA. Ornamental Mojave.2017 Think Small, Artspace, Richmond, VA. Laysan Honeycreeper.
2017 Krampusnacht, Gallery 5, Richmond VA. Krampus Painting.
2017 Monster Drawing Rally, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA. Arctic Drilling.
2016 Twin Peaks Art Show, Mojos, Richmond VA. Owls (2 pieces).
2016 Boundless Brooklyn Show, Ponshop, Fredericksburg, VA. Painted Bunting.
2016 Citadel of Hope, Richmond VA. Richmond Murals (as part of the Muralistas).
2016 PUTABIRDONIT, Mojos, Richmond, VA. Bowiebird, Lennonbird.
2016 Star Wars Show, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA. Kylo Ren.
2016 Monster Drawing Rally, 1708 Gallery, Richmond VA. 3 drawings.
2016 Krampusnacht, Gallery 5, Richmond VA. Krampus Painting
2015 2015; Year of the Sheep, Mojo’s, Richmond, VA. Curator, Aries Rising.
2015 Twin Peaks Art Show, Chop Suey Books, Richmond, VA. Coffee with Pete.
2015 #FindArtDoors, Richmond, Virginia, City Wide Show. Season of Selkies by the Seashore (located in Carytown, Richmond)
2015 Bicycle Stories, Artspace, Richmond, VA. Red’s Ride.
2015 Monster Drawing Rally, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA. 4 Drawings.
2014 Spontaneous Artistic Combustion, Highpoint Project, Richmond, VA. Mariner’s Revenge, Mural.
2013 Street Art Fest Paint Off, GRTC Bus Depot, Richmond, VA. Jellyfish, Mural
2013 Street Art Fest, GRTC Bus Depot, Richmond, VA. It’s a Zoo in Here, Mural. Raining Paint, In collaboration with Art on Wheels, Mural
2011 Billboard Art Project, Highpoint Project, Shown in Carona-Riverside/San Bernardino, CA; New Orleans, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Chicago, IL; Reading, PA; Duluth, MN; Savannah, GA; Nashville, TN.
2011 Tweet, Collaboration with Hamilton Glass, Transportable Graffiti Mural, Highpoint Project, Richmond, VA .
2010 Billboard Art Project, Highpoint Project, Shown in Richmond, VA. Epoch.
2004 The Interventionists, As a part of SPURSE, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Hampton, MA. The Experimental University

2019 “Sell Out! Richmond” Podcast, Episode 1 “Nico Cathcart”
2018 Wall/Therapy Festival “Representation”
2018 TedTalks Youth RVA “The Responsibility of Public Art”

2008 State University of New York at Cortland, Cortland, NY, Bachelor of Fine Art, Dual Major in Painting and Ceramics, Magna Cum Laude


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