May 4-June 4, 2020 Online Exhibit: Organized Chaos
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May 4-June 4, 2020 Online Exhibit: Organized Chaos

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Online Exhibit: Limits of Spontaneity

BOJUart gallery is pleased to announce the addition to our online exhibitions Organized Chaos. Opening 6PM, May 7 – June 4, 2020.

Since our inception all of our artists’ work has been posted in our online store. Moving forward, we’re curating new online programs highlighting visiting and BOJUart multidisciplinary artists while striving to create a “gallery” experience to engage the viewer.

Organized Chaos is a solo exhibition featuring botanical work from BOJUart photographer Bob Petersen. Petersen’s photography borrows images from our familiar natural world, resulting in large-scale work that moves between recognition and abstraction. From the deeply lit sunflower series to the abstract quality of the gumball or a tree, these interpretations of the patterns and controlled chaos found in nature allow him to push the potential of the medium. The images are then personally printed on cotton paper, bringing an unexpected surface texture to the subjects to favor the feel of a hand applied medium.

Petersen, who lives and works in Virginia Beach, was drawn into photography as a by-product of working as an art director and creative director in advertising and design communications. He has exhibited regionally in museums and galleries. BOJUart donates a portion for every limited edition print in the “Botanical” series to the artist’s cause, the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Shown: outtake of Lotus, 2019

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