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Jack McWhorter

Jack McWhorter


My search within painting is for a connection between something that hovers just below the world of visible matter and systems of recognition and information in our visible material world. The paintings are informed by several open impulses and ideas that radiate the spirit of natural and coded systems. For example, experiments with particles have taught us that the world is a continuous, restless swarming of things, a perpetual coming to light and disappearance of ephemeral entities. The inner life of natural phenomena becomes an alternative to the automatic perception of nature as landscape. 

The paintings are developed through layering various languages one upon the other. Maps and charts are mixed together with crystalline structures and cell formations. The record of the intersections and negotiations of each color, mark, and layer of paint sets up moments of conflict in the resulting image. The process brings a strong sense of touch and play into the predicament of describing a world of space and form full of change, conflict, and fleeting evidence.

BOJUart donates a portion of each piece sold to this artist’s cause: Visual Arts Center (VAC) Richmond, Virginia. The VAC is an affiliate partner for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and hosts the yearly regional awards, a recognition project for creative youth grades 7-12. 

Jack McWhorter lives and works in Akron, Ohio. He is Professor of Painting, School of Art, Kent State University. Jack has been a visiting artist at St. Luca School of Art, Brussels, Belgium, The Walworth Barbour American International School in Tel Aviv and for the Ohio Arts Council. His paintings have been exhibited widely including solo and group exhibitions in Beijing, Brooklyn, Brussels, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Glasgow, Leuven, New York, Overijse, Tel Aviv, Siena, and Ventura.


Binding Agent

Left Over Horizon

Atmospheric River

2019  Crossing The Horizon, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2017  Engraved Fields, Canton Museum of Art, Curated by Lynnda Arrasmith, Canton, OH
2017  Slow Formations, The Painting Center, New York, NY.
2015  Simply Burning, Gallery 121, Curated by Robert McKinney, Massillon, OH
2010  Forces Constant, McFadden Gallery, Johnson Center for the Arts, Malone University, Canton, OH
2009  Symmetry Breaking, de Lijsterbes Gallery, Curated by Caro Renckens, Kraainem, Belgium
2008  Symmetry Breaking, UZ Gathuisberg, Catholic University of Leuven, Curated by Carla Mondlaers,
Leuven, Belgium
2008  New Paintings & Drawings: Faculty Colloquium Series. Main Gallery, Kent State University Stark, North Canton, OH
2007  Spanish Earth, University of Akron. University of Akron, New Foyer & Offices of the College of Nursing, Akron, OH
2007  Recent Paintings, Green Gallery & Dance Theatre, Curator Kim Lawver-Baltrinic, City of Green, Green, OH
2005  New Painting & Drawings, Research & Sponsored Programs Complex, Polsky Building, University of Akron, Curated by Kathryn Evans, Akron, OH
2003  Morph Diagrams: Mixed Media Drawings & Paintings, Trumbull Campus Gallery, Curated by Susan Schroeder, Kent State University, Warren, OH
2000  Visible Universe: Recent Drawings, Campus Center Gallery, Stark State College of Technology, Curated by Marcie Bircher, North Canton, OH
2000  Expressive Figuration, Dance Theatre, Curated by Richard Moore, City of Green, Green, OH
1995  Iconic Images, TM Gallery, Thomas Moore College, Fort Mitchell, KY
1997  Paintings on Paper, Advanced Elastomer Systems LP, International Headquarters & Technical Center, Akron, OH
1990  New Work New York, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
1989  Compositions with Figures, Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH
1987  Architectural Sightings, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
1986  Painted Constructions, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
1982  Road to Elat, Negev Airbase Constructors Community Center, Ovda, Israel
1981  Convergence, American International School, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019  Free Space, Artsy Exclusive
Cross Over: Utopic Dimensions in Artistic Work, Sint Luca School of Art & Design, Curated by Johan Tierlink, Brussels, Belgium
2013  Fabricating Atoms, We Gallery at Musica, Curated by Karyn Ludlam, Akron, OH
2012  Gathering Signals, NC Little Art Gallery, With Beth Lindenberger, North Canton, OH
2011  Things That Happen and Happen and Then Change and Happen, de Bosuil Gallery, Brussels
2008  Symmetry Breaking/God Has Always Been A Woman, de Bosuil Gallery, Curated by Geoffrey Heyrbaut, Brussels
2005  Direction & Discovery, Summit ArtSpace, Curated by Laura Bidwell, Akron, OH
2005  Estimating Terrain Geometry: Interpreting Place, Gallery West, Cuyahoga Community College, Curated by Julie Friedman, Parma, OH
1980  Glaciated/Unglaciated, Spaces Gallery, With Bill Hermann, Cleveland, OH

2020 Ensemble: Together Again, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2019 CURRENT Art Fair, BOJUart, Richmond, VA
2019 Free Space, BOJUart, Artsy Exclusive
2019 Iridescent 25th Anniversary Exhibition, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2018 Kunstefest, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY
2018  All Art+,  Van Der Plas Gallery, Curated by Adrian Van Der Plas, New York, NY,
2018  Annual Great Lakes Regional Exhibition, Wayne State University, Art Department Gallery, Curated by Avanti Herczeg, Detroit MI
2017  Delen van een Geheel / Parts of a Whole, New Gallery of the Cultural and Community Center Leuven, Curated by Francis Smets, Organized by the City of Leuven, Department of Culture, Belgium
2017  Life on Earth, WAH Center, Curated by Corneilia Jensen, Brooklyn, NY
2016  Fusion: The Merging of Art & Science, Summit ArtSpace Gallery, Akron, OH
2016  Signals That Gather, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2015  Small Works 4, Jeffrey Leder Gallery, New York, NY
2015  Drawings/Balance-Unbalance Conference: Small Drawings for Water Wheel on the theme of ‘Hot Water’, University of Arizona, Tempe, AZ
2015  Nature vs. Man, Arterie Fine Arts, National Juried Exhibition, Juror CJ Hungerman, Chicago, IL
2015  @ Infinitum, Museum of Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China, Kent State Museum, Curated by Koon Hwee Kan and Janice Lessman-Moss, Kent, OH
2015  Six at 6000, Gallery 6000, Professional Education Conference Center, Kent, OH
2015  Works on Paper: University Residence of the Kent State University President, Invited Presentation of Paintings, Curated by Michele Waalkes, Kent, OH
2014  Over The Edge: Paperworks Unbound, WAH Center, Juror Claire Gilman, Curator-The Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY
2014  15th Annual International Bridge, WAH Center, Curator Yuko Nii, Brooklyn, NY
2013  Energy to Matter, Meerbeck-Kortenberg Gallery, With Maria Swinnen, Meerbeck, Belgium
2013  14th Annual International Bridge, WAH Center, Curator Rebecca Cuomo, Brooklyn, NY
2012  Works on Paper NYC, Jeffrey Leader Gallery, New York, NY
2012  Stark County Exhibition 2012, Massillon Museum of Art, Juried by Dana Depew & Anderson Turner, Massillon, OH
2011  Drawing Connections, Sienna Art Institute, Sienna, Italy
2011  4th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA
2010  Majestic National: 5th Annual Juried Competition 2010, Majestic Galleries, Juror Mary Gray, Director Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, Nelsonville, OH
2009  Touch and Scale, Trumbull Art Gallery, Curated by Janice Lessman-Moss, Warren, OH
2008  Invitational: Group Exhibition, Akrona Gallery, Curated by Susan Yingling, Akron,OH
2001  Drawings with Interactive Media, “Digital Creativity: Crossing the Border” CADE, Computers in Art and Design, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
1999  Global Collage, Bank of the West North Beach, San Francisco, CA
1998Paintings, Drawings & Projects, China National Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China (arranged by Prof. Guo Pei Jian, Deputy Director, International Exchange Center) Peoples Republic of China
1998  Screen Project: Paintings, Drawings & Projects, Tsinghua University, Arranged by Dr. Zheng Xiaoyun, Director of  Centre for Arts Education, Peoples Republic of China.
1998  Power of If (squared), Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH
1998  Transfiguration Molecules, Art Source, Ohio Design Center, Cleveland, OH
1998  Greek Air, The Long House Gallery, Carrolton, OH
1997  New Paintings and Sculpture, Millworks Gallery, Northside District, Akron, OH
1997  Paintings & Works on Paper, Art Source, Cleveland, OH
1997Home Is Where The Art Is, Millworks Gallery, Akron, OH
1996  Power of If, Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH
1994  Courage Exhibition, E.I.O. Gallery, Powerhouse/Nautica Complex, Cleveland, OH
1994  Kent Alumni: Painters and Teachers, The Gallery, School of Art, Kent State  University, Curated by Craig Lucas, Kent, OH
1993  Myths and Mayhem, Millworks Gallery, B.F. Goodrich Complex, Akron, OH
1992  November Showcase, Helio Gallery, New York, NY
1991  New American and European Tendencies, Montseratt Gallery, New York, NY
1991  Works on Paper, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
1991  Micro-Macro, Helio Gallery, New York, NY
1990  The May Show, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
1988  Contrast As Statement, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
1988  All Ohio Show, The Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH
1988  West Virginia Landscape 88, Boarman Art Center, Martinsburg, WV
1986  The May Show, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
1985  The May Show, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
1985  Homeless at Home, Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York, NY
1984   Landscape 84, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
1984  El Salvador: Work of Thirty Photographers, Jack McWhorter Installation, Spaces Gallery, Curated by Jane Farver, Cleveland, OH
1984  On The Way to 2019: After 1984, The 1984 Gallery, Lansing, MI
1984  Ohio Art in the New Depression, School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, OH    

2010  Paintings: Holding Water, Acrylic on canvas 4 ‘ x 44’, Mural Contracted by YMCA of Massillon, OH
2009  Paintings: Origins of Water, Acrylic on canvas, 5’ x 65’ overall, Contracted by YMCA of Massillon OH
2009  Drawings & Interactive Media, IluminArts: Timken Regional High School, Canton City Schools, OH
2006  Paintings: Twelve Shades of Green, Oil on canvas, 7’x60’ overall, YMCA of Western Stark County, Towpath Trail, Navarre, OH
2004  Painting: Stele Forest: A Typographical Fairy Tale, Six panels – 7’ x 16’ each  (16’ x 42’), Kent State University at Stark
2003  Painting: Monkey Puzzle, East Wing Science Building, Six painted panels 7’ x 16’ each (16’ x 42’overall), Kent State University at Stark
1999  Drawings: Graphic Impressions, Textures, & Patterns for retaining walls and noise walls, Route 77 Corridor Projects STA/SUM- Ohio Department of Transportation & URS Greiner Woodward Clyde, Columbus, OH
1998  Exhibition: Power of If’2, The Canton Museum of Art, A 16 month project integrating art and science curriculum in Stark County Schools. The focus of the project was to help teachers develop their ability to invent teaching strategies that use arts processes. 67 teachers from 23 schools representing ten school districts participated and contributed projects in the culminating exhibition. Collaboration with Virginia Carroll, Brian Betz & Pat Grutzmacher.  Sponsored by grants from The Education Enhancement Partnership, Inc and Ohio Arts Council.
1996  Exhibition: The Power of If, Canton Museum of Art. An 18 month project integrating art and science curriculums in the Stark County Schools. Over 1,000 students from 50 schools worked with teachers, scientists and artists to discover how the spark of creativity is essential for both art and     science. Collaboration with Patricia Gruzmacher, Penny Bernstein, Paul Bagvandoss, & Greg Little.
1997  Paintings: Body Mapping: Luminous Projections, installation Cultural Center for the Arts, Canton, OH
1997  Drawings/Paintings. Remote Sensing Through the Midi Studio, Morgan School for the Arts, Alliance, OH
1997  Drawings: Morphing to Animation: Distance Learning Project, Glen Oak High School, Canton, OH
1996  Screen Project: Sustainable Development, Ohio Academy of Science Annual Conference, Malone University, Canton, OH
1996  Painting: Botanical Garden, Morgan School for the Arts, Funded by grants from the Ohio Arts Council and Martha Holden Jennings Foundation), Alliance, OH
1995  Painting: The Signal Tree, Installed in the lobby of the Portage Lakes Headquarters, Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife, Portage, OH
1995  Paintings: Air & Dreams & Botanical Gardens, Canton Museum of Art & Permanent Installation, Morgan School for the Arts, Alliance, OH
1994  Constructed Paintings: Cultural Identities, Great Court Ceiling, The Cultural Center for the Arts, Where, OH
1994  Exhibition, Ubu Roi: A Project for Kinetic Sculpture, Performance Art and Music, The Canton Museum of Art examining personal  history and cultural identity. The results of this eighteen month collaboration between 28 artists, consultants, workshop presenters, 80 teachers and their students culminated in this exhibition.

2019  Symposium Presentation, Seeing with Perceptual Unity, Kent State University, Kent, OH
2018  Juror. 35th Annual Regional Juried Show, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
2018  Juror. 5th Annual Regional Juried Show, Kent, OH
2017  Juror. Fragmented: An Exploration of Chaos and Harmony, Juror, Art Scene Today International Art Competition
2017  Juror. Selection Committee, NFL, Moment Five, Arts in Stark, Stark, OH
2015  Public Lecture. Signals That Gather, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2015  Conference Presentation. “I see You”: Collaborative Art-making Across International Borders through  Technology.  (NAEA) Annual Convention, collaboration with Dr. K.H.Kan, New  Orleans, LA
2015  Juror. Governors Exhibition, Dover, OH
2015  Awards Judge, Ohio Collage Society 9th Members Exhibition, Massillon Museum, Massillon, OH
2015  Juror, Selection Committee, NFL Eleven Moment Review, Arts In Stark, North Canton, OH
2014  Public Lecture. Cross Over: Utopic Dimensions In Artistic Work. Master Class. St. Luca School of Art & Architecture, Brussels, Belgium
2013  Conference Presentation.“I See You” Project: Art-making and Collaboration Across China-US Borders.”Unique Uses of Technology and Social Media in International Education” at NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Convention, collaboration with Dr. K.H.Kan, St Louis, MO
2013  Juror. 71st Annual May Show, NC Gallery, North Canton, OH
2013  Juror. Fresh Art Q, Summit Art Space, Akron, OH
2012  Conference Presentation. Travel-Study to China in Perspective: Planning and Course Design, Mid-America College Art Association Conference, Detroit, MI
2012  Public Lecture. New Optics: Painting As Visualization System, Invited Lecture, Beijing Normal University, School of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
2011  Public Lecture. Master Seminar & Undergraduate Project Critiques, Utopic Dimensions in Artistic Work, Sint-Luka College of Art and Design, Brussels, Belgium
2009  Juror. Firestone High School Portfolio Exhibition & Showcase, Akron, OH
2008  Juror. Canton Museum of Art’s Stark County High School Show, North Canton, OH
2007  Conference Presentation. Evolution(s) Opening the Doors of Learning Through Science & Art, In Proceedings at 2nd International Conference on the Arts in Society, Kassel, Germany
2007  Conference Presentation. Interactive Multimedia, Using Sketchbook Journals as Assessment Tools, in proceedings at National Art Education  Association, New York,NY
2005  Public Lecture. Direction and Discovery: A Science/Art Project, Akron Art Museum, Akron, OH
2005  Catalogue Essay, Pieces of My Mind: Recent Work by Patricia Zinsmeister Parker. Myers School of Art Gallery, University of Akron, Akron, OH
2004  Drawing Workshop and Digitization Project. Exact Geometrical Drawing, Two Dimensional to Theorem of Pythagoras, Spring Garden Waldorf School, Copley, Ohio, Spring Break March 21-25.
2003  Judge. Regional Competition, Ohio Governors Youth Art Exhibition, Dover, OH
2001  Conference Presentation. Digital Creativity: Crossing the Border CADE 2001, in proceedings at Computers in Art and Design, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
2000  Museum Lecture. A Global Heritage: Metropolitan Museum of  Art, Guang Ming Daily China Delegation, New York, NY. Walking tour of the museum galleries – Ancient Near East to 20th Century Painting.
2000  Conference Presentation. Identity in the Visual Arts and Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Course. In proceeding at the American Psychological Association, Collaboration with Dr. Brian Betz, New York, NY
2000  Museum Lecture. A Global Heritage: Walking Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guang Ming Daily China Delegation, New York, NY
1999  Conference Presentation. Power of If’ Science & Art Collaborations, In proceedings at Global Arts Beyond 2,000 International Conference for Higher Education in the Arts, Auckland, New Zealand
1998  Conference Presentation. Voices From the Field: Impact of School Partnerships, Northern Arizona University, Collaboration with Kathy Jevec, Flagstaff, AZ
1998  Conference Presentation. The Images that Hiroshima Makes Us Paint: Illustrations from Japanese and American Children’s Books, In proceedings at Institute International Charles Perrault. Collaboration with Ginny Horvath. Paris, France
1996  Program Essay. The Power of If, The Ohio Journal of Science, April Program.
1995  Conference Presentation. The Function of Metaphor in Knowing: Guiding Metaphors  in Art & Science, Three Meadow Mountain Symposium/Virginia Tech, Newburg, VA
1995  Public Lecture. Iconic Images, Thomas More College, Ft. Mitchell, KY
1995  Public Lecture. Stylistic Turnovers, Cincinnati Art Academy, Cincinnati, OH
1995  Conference Presentation onTeaching.  First light: Summer Arts Institute for Stark County Teachers, Ohio Leadership Conference, Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, OH
1995  Panel Presentation. The Role of the Arts in Effective Teaching and Learning, Institute for Education and the Arts, National Overture of Education and the Arts in Ohio, Columbus, OH
1994  Conference Presentation. Breaking Boundaries: The Transformative Process in Educators, Students and Communities. The American Education Research Association, conference, New Orleans, LA

2018 – Present Professor of Painting, School of Art, Kent State University at Stark
2000Present Associate Professor of Painting, Kent State University at Stark.  Teach all levels of undergraduate drawing and painting.
19942000  Assistant Professor of Painting, Kent State University at Stark. Taught undergraduate foundation courses; Painting I, II, III,  Drawing I, II, III,  2-D Composition & Art Survey.
1987 – 1992  Lecturer, Foundation Studies, Myers School of Art, University of Akron. Taught undergraduate foundation courses; 2-D Composition, Drawing I & Drawing II.
1981 – 1982  Visiting Artist, The Walworth Barbour American International School, Israel. Taught courses in Painting and Drawing, create new work in community settings
1980 – 1981  Interim Director, The Gallery, School of Art, Kent State University, Kent, OH. Arranged & supervised installation of exhibitions in The Gallery, Fishbowl Galleries & Ells Gallery, coordinated student exhibitions. Taught courses in Drawing I & II.
1976 – 1979  School of Art, Kent State University, Graduate Teaching Assistant. Taught courses in Painting I- 6 sections, Drawing I – 3 sections, Life Drawing I – 3 sections, Figure Painting – 3 sections.

2016Present, President, Board of Advisors, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2015 – 2016, Member, Executive Committee, The Painting Center, New York, NY
1995Present, Art Department Coordinator, Kent State University at Stark
1995Present, Gallery Coordinator, Kent State University at Stark
2000 Present, Regional Coordinator, North East Central Ohio, Scholastic Art Awards
2001 –  2003, Chair, Council for Human Development, Arts, and Aesthetics
2000 – 2001, Chair, Education Committee, Cultural Center’s Collaboration Programming Committee
1983 – 1986, Artist in Residence, Cultural Center for the Arts, Artist in Schools & Community Program
1979 – 1980, Artist in Residence, Ohio Arts Council, Artist in Schools & Community Program

1983 Kent State University, Kent, OH, Master of Fine Art, Concentration in Painting, Thesis: ‘Desert Configurations’ Advisor – Craig Lucas
1976 Kent State University, Kent, OH, Bachelor of Fine Art, Concentration in Painting and Drawing
Blossom Art Intensives, Visiting Artists: Walter Darby Bannard, Don Eddy, Larry Zox, Adja Yunkers, Julianne Stanczak, Elmer Bischoff, Janet Fish and Alex 

Susan & Terry Yingling, Akron, Ohio; Thomas J. Dillon, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Susan & Chris Williams, Phoenix, Arizona; Charles & Eleanor, Kuder, Jackson, Ohio; Joe & Gail Martino, Canton, Ohio; Francis Smet, Meerbeek, Belgium; Kurtis and Amanda Falvo, City of Greene, Ohio; Northside, Akron, Ohio; Greggory & Sarah Rossi, Akron; Derek and Jen Haake, Akron; Karina Slabbaert-Degrave, Kortenberg, Belgium; Dr. Margaret Wyman, Florida; UZ Gasthuisberg, Catholic University of Leuvain, Belgium; Johan Tierlink, Meerbeck, Belgium; Cynthia Meadows, Chevy Chase, Maryland Frank Regan, Akron, Ohio; Marybeth Sorento, Syracuse, New York; Dr. Ann Waters, Kent, Ohio; Gary Tullis, Akron, Ohio; Doug McCann, North Canton, Ohio; Siberling Naturealm, Summit County, Ohio; Alan Maxwell, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania; Benjamin Portnoy, Eilat, Israel; Case Design, Rocky River, Ohio; Christopher & Kimberly Conidi, Parkersburg, West Virginia; Cultural Center for the Arts, Canton, Ohio; David Dauer, Framingham, Massachusetts; Denise Bryant, Columbus, Georgia; Design Union, Cleveland, Ohio; Dr. James T. Bilbo & Rebecca W. Bilbo, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky ; Dr. Jessica Lang & Christopher Lang, Dayton, Ohio; Elizabeth & Earl Iselin, Akron, Ohio; Jill Hoy, Deer Isle, Maine; Canton Country Day, Canton, Ohio; Marggorie & Kevin Hluk, St. Cloud, Minnesota; Maria Swinnen, Genk, Belgium; Marta & William Hermann, Baltimore, Maryland; Michael & Carol D’Inocennt, Denver, Colorado; Morgan School for the Arts, Alliance, Ohio; Michael Owen, Akron, Ohio; Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio; Ohio Department of Natural Resources- Division of Wildlife, Portage Lakes, Ohio; Paul Ludic, New York, New York; Republic Steel Corporation, Local 1200- Canton; School of Art, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; Schwartz, Kelm, Warrens, & Rubenstein, Columbus, Ohio; Sandra Knell Tamny, New York, New York; Wood Hawk Country Club, Pepper Pike, Ohio

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