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Resilience Mural

Resilience Mural


Resilience pulls the viewer into the personal mythology of the muralist Nico Cathcart and is based on her recent work involving birds. She is using these animals as a metaphor for resilience in the face of disability. The artist is in the process of becoming deaf through a genetic tone-based hearing loss. She first noticed the disability when the birds went silent. As an avid bird watcher, and hiker, she realized that the woods had become silent in places that used to be full of life. Now she uses birds in her work as a reminder to not take these things for granted, but also as a reminder to preserve in the face of hardship.

This mural was part of an immersive, interactive live painting exhibition. Through the process of live painting and the interactive exhibit, the artist was asking the observer to consider their own personal adversity, and subsequent resilience. We live in trying times, and it is good to be reminded of the strength of the human spirit, so that we might allow growth to be gleaned by hardship.

Five 4’ x 5’ x 3″ panels for either indoor or outdoor application. This is an impressive work of art by a renown mural painter for display on an interior or exterior wall, restaurant, lobby, fence, etc. The flexibility of five panels allow for the mural to be display as one continuous image or divided over smaller consecutive spaces.







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25-foot mural. Comprised of individual mural panels, 4 x 5 feet, interior/exterior quality wood panel, box framed.

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