Virginia Beach ViBe Artist Bob Petersen to Debut Large-Scale Local Environmental Photography
June 28, 2018 admin

Virginia Beach ViBe Artist Bob Petersen to Debut Large-Scale Local Environmental Photography

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Dramatic mirror image reflections of local seascapes and larger-than-life, vibrant color peonies and cone flowers will be the focus of work Virginia Beach photographer Bob Petersen will debut at the Boardwalk Art Show next week. This show is his first public exhibition.

Petersen works out of BOJUart (a hybrid of his name Bob and his wife and creative partner Judy), a studio gallery located in the Virginia Beach’s new creative ViBe District, as well as his home studio in Virginia Beach. An advertising creative director for over 30 years working on regional and national commercial accounts, Petersen has won over 75 creative advertising awards. He is very excited to introduce his new creative work in the artistic form of large-scale photography.

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Petersen recognizes this is a prestigious accomplishment to be invited to participate in the juried Boardwalk Art Show from over 700 applicants. Petersen said, “I’m thrilled to get into the show and represent Virginia Beach’s creative community. My work captures the chaos of nature with large-scale photography in a combination of abstract and realism. In my art, I take the viewer into the beauty of nature to create an emotional response,” he explained.

His “Floral” series uses a narrow depth-of-field to draw a startling response. Inspired by living in coastal Virginia, the “Reflect” series is an abstract interpretation of the natural and repetitive nature of the coastal landscape. His use of textured rag paper pushes the photographic image and achieves the feel of a hand-applied medium.

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Petersen has a BFA in Visual Design and Illustration from Kent State University with a curriculum including old school photography and lab classes. His illustration minor developed a keen sense of detail and composition. As a Creative Director he has collaborated with renown commercial photographers. Exploring creative self-growth lead him to pursue photography, blending his fine art and commercial art background.

Petersen will donate $25 of every “Floral” photo image to the Norfolk Botanical Garden and “Reflect” waterscape to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to emphasize the need to preserve and protect these local resources.

Bob Petersen’s fine art photography will be on display at the Boardwalk Art Show, June 14-17, 2018, Booth 3202-3203. Petersen is represented by BOJUart. Follow Bob Petersen on @bojuart.

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