Mixed Media Artist Marlowe Emerson Joins BOJUart Artist Roster
June 24, 2019 admin

Mixed Media Artist Marlowe Emerson Joins BOJUart Artist Roster

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Mixed media artist Marlowe Emerson joins the BOJUart gallery’s featured artist roster

BOJUart gallery is pleased to announce that mixed media artist Marlowe Emerson has joined as a featured artist displaying her more recent work. Emerson, a Virginia Beach native, creates large scale abstract paintings using acrylic and collage techniques. Her work incorporates a wide range of media, including acrylic paints, various qualities of paper, and different types of pastels and pencils helps to achieve a complex, textured finish. Emerson says, “I feel this is a good opportunity to showcase my work. It is refreshing to have a gallery in Virginia Beach’s ViBe Creative District that can also give artists broader exposure. The quality of the experience people get to have with the art is important to me, and I appreciate the care and expertise they bring to that.”

BOJUart donates a portion of each piece sold to this artist’s cause: Virginia MOCA art education programs. Through regularly scheduled events for children, teens, and adults, Virginia MOCA offers exciting programs that foster awareness of the significant art of our time. All programs, activities, and resources are designed to encourage discussion, transforming galleries into laboratories of ideas.

All work exhibited is available for sale at the gallery, online or by phone. Commissions are encouraged.

Shown courtesy of the artist: Wolf Girl Goes to School, 2019. Marlowe Emerson. Mixed media on canvas, 60 x 48 x 1 1/2 inches

Marlowe Emerson
A Virginia Beach native, Emerson received a Bachelor of Science in French and Art History from Georgetown University, after which she spent seven years studying painting in the south of France. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries along the East Coast. She currently teaches abstract painting at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The primary focus of her instruction is the intuitive process of painting and the value of abstract expressionism as a meditative practice.




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