New Artists and Exhibits: First Friday August 2nd ViBe Creative District
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New Artists and Exhibits: First Friday August 2nd ViBe Creative District

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First Friday August 2nd: New Artists, New Work, New Exhibition

Discover ceramic artist Beth Lindenberger’s ceramic sculpture. New to the BOJUart gallery roster, Lindenberger’s ceramic forms and surfaces are based on microscopic organisms and objects. Made in both porcelain and red earthenware, the surfaces are sometimes glazed, shiny and soft, other times unglazed and dry

See ceramic artist Kristin Kowalski’s expression inspired by her garden. Kowalski is also new to the BOJUart gallery roster and chooses to have her work very sensual, playful and slightly dark, by creating those feeling with a combination of form, color and surface texture.

See mixed media artist Marlowe Emerson’s recent, never seen before work. Recently welcomed to the BOJUart gallery roster, Emerson, a Virginia Beach native, creates large scale abstract paintings using acrylic and collage techniques. Her work incorporates a wide range of media, including acrylic paints, various qualities of paper, and different types of pastels and pencils helps to achieve a complex, textured finish.

Explore “Intersection”, a duo exhibition featuring new works from international fluid acrylic painting artist Shay Amanda Broughton and Virginia Beach ViBe photographer Bob Petersen. BOJUart artists Broughton and Petersen explore their interpretation of our coastal waterways, and the result when those views intercross in a collaborative exhibit that bridges the lines between the photographic image and the abstract application of paint.

Discover recent mixed media resin work just in from BOJUart artist Michael Greenwald. This work is an exploration of color, pattern and optical depth. They are created by slowly building up alternating layers of paint and epoxy resin. This magnifies the design resulting in a sense of depth that’s glossy, bold and bright.

Browse new “Floral” series work by BOJUart photographer Bob Petersen, inspired and photographed at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. The limited edition prints are on a textured rag cotton paper to push the photographic image to favor the feel of a hand applied medium. This method causes the image to go beyond the expected to create a contemplative impact in viewers with simple images that evoke emotion.

Shown courtesy of the artist: Persistent Burst. Beth Lindenberger. Earthenware, 5 ½ x 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches



Instagarden, 2019. Marlowe Emerson. Mixed media.

Olokun, 2019. Shaylen Amanda Broughton. Fluid acrylic and Atlantic Ocean water on canvas.

Krypton, 2019. Michael Greenwald. Mixed media.

Burst 2. Kristin Kowalski. Ceramic.

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