Immediate Gratification: Exhibit by Cameron Wilson Ritcher
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Immediate Gratification: Exhibit by Cameron Wilson Ritcher

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BOJUart gallery is pleased to present Immediate Gratification: an exhibition of a new body work by BOJUart mixed media artist Cameron Wilson Ritcher on display at the BOJUart gallery during March. The artist will be available First Friday, March 1, 2019 from 6-9PM to meet and talk about the inspiration of his new work.

Immediate Gratification: Material Experimentation and Social Commentary
The work is minimalist compositionally, but maximalist in terms of color and texture, to create the biggest and most immediate impact on the viewer. Immediate Gratification is a departure from the artist’s popular abstract expressionist paintings. Ritcher uses a unique process, crumpling paper and then spray-painting the paper, creating stark, tactile surfaces. The paper pieces are then cropped and mounted on primed panels, which gives the illusion of an alternate and utopian reality.

Shown courtesy of the artist: Figment 2, 2019. Paper, spray and latex paint, flush mounted on pine cradle, 8 x 8 x 2 ¾ inches.

All work exhibited is available for sale at the gallery, online or by phone.

Cameron Wilson Ritcher
The Richmond artist’s work has been featured in over 25 solo and group exhibitions nationwide since he graduated from James Madison University in 2017, notably at The Other Art Fair, Chicago, IL and Hung Juried at Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA. In addition to BOJUart, Ritcher holds permanent gallery representation with The Vault at 1930, in Jacksonville, FL, and Magnolia, in Roanoke, VA. He has won numerous awards in juried shows including the prestigious Thomas A. Felton Jr. Award of Distinction in Fine Art at the 2018 Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Boardwalk Art Show. Notable commissions include a set of three murals for JMU’s ISAT Building, and a recently completed commission of 55 paintings for a designer in Kansas City.

Ritcher graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art as well as a Pre-K-12 Visual Arts Teaching Licensure, and won the school’s award for a graduating senior with a concentration in painting.

BOJUart donates a portion of each piece sold to this artist’s cause the Friends of the Earth International to emphasize the need to have a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature.


Artist Comments
This work is intensely satisfying and cathartic for me as the artist for its purely physical and tactile qualities.  

I begin by crumpling and folding the paper, using both my hands and a bone folder to form creases. Then I stand stationary, with a can of black spray paint. The paint skates across the paper, only landing on the ridges of the paper that are angled toward me. I let the paint dry, flip the paper over, and unfold and flatten again using the bone folder. When I flip it back over, the creases, ridges, and soft curves are revealed with stark, intense contrast, and a precision that I could not achieve with my own hands. These papers are then cropped to the areas that I find most interesting, then glued and mounted onto the panel. The colored panels provide contrast as well as context for the paper pieces. Having the papers mounted on a background, and then cropped according to the boundaries of the background, seems to suggest that these papers are actually objects that exist in another reality.

There is a degree of control I must surrender in making each one of these works. I do not and cannot deliberately create folds knowing what image they will produce. I do retain some control over things like how sharp the creases are, how crumpled the paper is, and how much paint comes out of the can. But I do not decide where the paint lands, and to a large degree I do not know what the work will look like until it is finished. I try, as much as possible, to listen to the paper, and let it tell me where it wants to go.

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