New Work: By Roxanne Verdon Bell
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New Work: By Roxanne Verdon Bell

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A release of new work by BOJUart gallery digital artist Roxanne Verdon Bell on display at the BOJUart gallery during February. The artist will be available First Friday February 1st 6-9PM to meet and talk about the inspiration of her new work.  She will be the featured artist at the gallery’s Artist Perspective: Inside the Art event, a question and answer session on Thursday February 7 from 6-7PM and Saturday February 9 from 2-3PM.

With this release of work, Verdon Bell continues her translation of environmental spaces exploring ideas of movement and change. She says, “This collection of new work has an energetic quality about it. I have combined forms that suggest movement with other elements that add context to translate my experience. Like my other work, I am using my visual and mental impressions of an environmental space to create an abstract image. It is an expression of how I see the world. It is my hope that they will draw you in for your own experience.”  

All work exhibited is available for sale at the gallery, online or by phone.

Roxanne Verdon Bell
Verdon Bell’s abstract art is an expression of her environmental experiences conceived through visual and emotional interpretation. She uses photography to consciously record elements of perceived impact or influence that will act as media through which she conveys sensory experiences in an abstract way. The media elements most commonly featured in her work come from architecture, textile and nature. They consistently inspire her use of form, texture and reflective surfaces. She digitally composes images printed on metallic canvas with depth and a dynamic balance of visual elements that invites the viewer in for their own experience.

Verdon Bell, a Virginia Beach native, received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Fashion from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). While at VCU she explored various art mediums, studied art history and garment construction. Verdon Bell was interested in both the current and historical expressions of culture through design. She was particularly interested in textiles and architecture. Verdon Bell spent her early career with an eleven store mid-Atlantic retailer as a retail buyer building a visual story from product selection to visual merchandising. The idea of layers that contribute to the whole has been a consistent theme of her creativity. When photography became digital, it provided new tools with which she could translate her observation and express herself artistically. Verdon Bell began to study and experiment until she developed the techniques and a style that has become her voice.

BOJUart donates a portion of each piece sold to this artist’s cause the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD), Norfolk, VA to emphasize the need for access to specialized medical care for children with physical and/or mental disorders and disabilities.


Shown courtesy of the artist: Erosion, 2018. Digital, canvas 36 x 64 inches, white matte float frame 38 x 66 x 2 ¾ inches.

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